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From the moment Mrs. Shelley Horn walked into the front office almost 18 years ago to drop off her resume for an English teacher position, she knew Guerin Catholic was a special place. When Mrs. Horn started her teaching career with us, she was a self-described, “baby Catholic” having joined the Catholic church a few months earlier. “St. Mother Theodore Guerin’s presence has truly infiltrated my life as a member of this community. God and Mother Theodore had many lessons in store for me to learn. I learned very early here that trusting in Providence was ALWAYS in my best interest.” “As my first year came to a close, I learned the importance of praying at the beginning of each of my classes, teaching in a smaller community, and most of all, sharing my faith with my students and peers.”

During the school’s 2nd year, half of the student body attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C. We took three coach buses I believe that drove through the night on the way there. On the night before the march, we went to the Basilica for the Vigil Mass. Considering this was a national event, we arrived 2-3 hours early to get a space, and the pews were already filled. So we simply took spots on the floor throughout the space, along with hundreds of other folks from throughout the country. It was simply an immense mass of humanity. After sitting there for a bit as folks continued to enter, Miguel Salazar ’09 , a freshman, stood up and led anyone within ear’s reach in the Rosary. It was one of the most moving Rosaries I had ever been a part of as a crowd of complete strangers sitting less-than-comfortably on top of one another was unified by this teenage boy. Watching Miguel’s smiling face and outstretched arms as he lead the group was one of the more visible examples I have witnessed of someone who was on fire with the Holy Spirit. Miguel was in that moment, and throughout his time at our school, an example of “placing our light upon a lamp stand”. n


Mrs. Horn became a mother during her second year as a Guerin Catholic teacher and her new role allowed her to see our mission with new eyes. Her children, Ava ’26 and Aidan ’27 , are now students at Guerin Catholic. “My perspective on this beautiful community changed. Watching my students through the eyes of a parent gave me the compassion to intertwine my faith even more with my students. Praying for each students’ intentions at the beginning of my classes has transformed my life and those of my students in ways I could not even imagine. Transitioning from teacher to parent mindset has been a blessing.” “As I reflect on the 17 years God has blessed me as a member of this truly special community, I always experienced Mother Guerin’s presence in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. Trusting in Providence, whether it was as a teacher to be the teacher God called me to be each day or the mother I was called to be for my own two children, has provided the many special memories I have as a Guerin Catholic Golden Eagle! I am so grateful for the opportunity to see Mother Guerin’s work in action each year I am blessed to be part of this community.” n


March for Life Large groups of students, faculty and staff would annually attend the National March for Life in Washington, D.C., including in 2008 (top) and 2010 (bottom).

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